Time Talks:
It ticks and it talks, ticks and talks,
Until talking we tic, tic, tic...


Bradbury 100

The great Phil Nichols of the University of Wolverhampton and the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies invited me onto the Bradbury 100 podcast in summer 2021. It was an honor to discuss Bradbury's work with one of the top Bradbury scholars in the world.


The astonishing Fiona at Granfalloon interviewed me about my most controversial short story, "Shooter in Residence," published in the same issue. The story is also available online and in print (in the Fall 2022 issue).

El Book Cafe

Elham Nosrati, editor of El Book Cafe, gave me the honor of an interview in April 2018.

The Daily Vonnegut

Chuck Augello interviewed me in 2016 about my book Post-Jungian Psychology and the Short Stories of Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut, which started out as my PhD thesis and wound up published by Routledge.

Submitted For Your Approval - "A Stop at Willoughby"

The great Brandon Cruz had me back on his Twilight Zone podcast to discuss my favorite episode: "A Stop at Willoughby" (Season 1, Episode 30). This is one of the best conversations I've ever had in my life, so I feel especially fortunate that Brandon initiated and recorded it.

Submitted For Your Approval - "The Purple Testament"

I became friends with host Brandon Cruz in this conversation, which precipitated because our mutual friend Tiffany Hearsey suggested me as a guest to talk about The Twilight Zone. Here we discuss Post-Traumatic Stress and war trauma in "The Purple Testament" (Season 1, Episode 19).

Submitted For Your Approval - "King Nine Will Not Return"

Here is my third appearance on Brandon Cruz's Twilight Zone podcast, discussing the eeriness of "King Nine Will Not Return" (Season 2, Episode 1).

Submitted For Your Approval - "A Quality of Mercy"

Chuffed to be asked back as a guest on Brandon Cruz's Twilight Zone podcast, especially for an episode that is so difficult to talk about: "A Quality of Mercy" (Season 3, Episode 15).